About us

Welcome to Lauta Ltd. – producer of hight quality carrageenans.

Lauta Ltd.is a leader in production of top quality carrageenans.

Our modern production facility in China, usage of advanced technologies, effective management and constant quality improvement, all make our products compatible with newest standards in food industry. We produce our own raw materials, so we are able to control the whole production process as well as the quality.

Highest quality of our carrageenans is being constantly confirmed by the ever-growing numbers of our Clients worldwide.

Main advantages of Lautagel carrageenans include: better efficiency, limiting production losses, better profits and finally better final product for the final user
We offer not only top quality products, but also full consultancy and advice on usage of our products.

If you value the satisfaction of your Clients most, and our functional ingredients meet your expectations, do not hesitate to contact us. 



Address: No.26 Road HongWu, Baixia District Nanjing China
tel: +86 25 85282067
fax: +86 25 84702067
e-mail: office@carrageenans.com