Fermented Dairy Products

Carrageenans  in fermented dairy improve texture, consistency and flavour release, while also stabilizing dairy protein during heat treatment and preventing
coagulation during acidification.

Block Cheese

Improve sliceability and grating properties in block cheese with carrageenans. Experience excellent milk protein reactivity, ensuring a superior quality cheese product.

Cream Cheese

Carrageenans impart desirable consistency and texture to cream cheese. Enjoy good spreadability and mouthfeel, creating a cream cheese that meets the highest standards.


Elevate the flavour release and minimize syneresis in yogurt with carrageenans. Ensure dairy protein stability during heat treatment, enhancing the overall quality of your yogurt.

Acidified Dairy Products

Prevent protein coagulation during the acidification process, improve body and mouthfeel with carrageenans. Experience a new level of quality and consistency in acidified dairy products. Carrageenans redefine the standards for quality in fermented dairy.

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