Frozen desserts

Carrageenans in frozen desserts create smoother textures, reduce ice crystal formation,
and improve melting resistance for a more enjoyable experience.

Hard Pack Ice Cream

Experience the advantages of carrageenans in hard pack ice cream. These natural additives deliver a light, fluffy texture with excellent whipping properties and overrun. Say goodbye to ice crystal formation and hello to a non-curdly, clean meltdown with improved melting resistance.

Soft Serve Ice Cream

Carrageenans offer a fast-hydrating stabilizer system for soft serve ice cream. Enjoy fine ice crystal formation, good shape retention, and a desirable consistency and mouthfeel. Elevate your soft serve experience with the benefits of carrageenans.

Ice Pop

Discover the advantages of carrageenans in ice pops. Maintain product structural properties during melting, improve heat shock resistance, and ensure homogeneity and uniform flavour release. Carrageenans redefine the frozen treat experience.

Jelly Tongua Lolly

Carrageenans bring chewiness and smoothness to jelly tongue lollies. Experience fine ice crystal formation and elevate your frozen treats to a whole new level of texture and mouthfeel.

Grow your business with Lauta Carrageenans

Grow your business with Lauta Carrageenans