Carrageenans added to beverages effectively stabilize particles, enhance viscosity, and maintain structural integrity,
improving mouthfeel and appearance for an enhanced drinking experience.

Chocolate milk

Elevate your chocolate milk experience with carrageenans. These natural additives bring significant advantages by suspending cocoa particles, preventing phase separation, and ensuring a homogeneous appearance. Enjoy the benefits of enhanced viscosity and a desirable mouthfeel, making your chocolate milk a consistently delightful indulgence.

Processed milk

Processed milk: In the realm of processed milk, carrageenans serve as indispensable stabilizers. Their unique thixotropic properties act as a shield against viscosity loss during the rigorous processing stages, ensuring that the milk maintains its smooth texture throughout. Furthermore, carrageenans excel in suspending particles within the milk, preventing undesirable whey-off and preserving the drink's overall integrity and quality.

Fruit Juice

Discover the advantages of carrageenans in fruit juices. These versatile additives impart viscosity, offering a pleasing mouthfeel while improving consistency and homogeneity. Elevate your fruit juices to a new level of quality that consumers will crave.

Bubble tea

Carrageenans bring a unique advantage to bubble tea formulations. By providing a thin, flexible film for liquid encapsulation, they impart structural integrity for improved shape retention. Enhance your bubble tea with the perfect blend of texture and flavour.


Within the brewing industry, carrageenans play a pivotal role in elevating the quality and longevity of beer. They streamline production processes and reduce the reliance on time-consuming filtration methods. Carrageenans also exhibit remarkable efficacy in facilitating protein coagulation, leading to swift precipitation and flocculation. This crucial process enhances beer haze and stability, resulting in a visually enticing and consistently satisfying product.

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