Meat products

Meat products with carrageenans  benefit improved moisture retention, enhanced texture, and increased stability,
leading to higher yields and superior consistency.


Enhance your ham with the benefits of carrageenans. Retain moisture, increase production yield, and minimize cooking loss. Enjoy a uniform texture with good sliceability, redefining the standards for quality in meat products.


Elevate surimi with the advantages of carrageenans. Experience freeze-thaw stability, excellent emulsion stability, and improved texture and mouthfeel. Carrageenans redefine the standards for quality in surimi products.

Canned Meat

Discover the benefits of carrageenans in canned meat. Enjoy excellent water holding properties, soft texture, and uniform consistency. Carrageenans redefine the standards for quality in canned meat products.

Fresh Poultry

Achieve freeze-thaw stability, prevent drip loss, and enhance weight yield with carrageenans in fresh poultry. Enjoy excellent brine suspension stability and improved moisture retention. Carrageenans redefine the standards for quality in fresh poultry.

Meat Emulsion

Experience the advantages of carrageenans in meat emulsion. Improve water holding capacity, provide freeze-thaw stability, and stabilize fat-protein emulsion. Elevate tenderness, juiciness, and overall quality in meat products.

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