Adding carrageenans to confectioneries not only gives them a great texture
and consistency but also ensures they stay stable and delicious.

Gummy Candy

Enjoy the structural integrity, stability, and desirable texture that carrageenans bring to gummy candies. Suitable for various dietary constraints, these natural additives redefine the standards for quality in confectioneries.

Gel Glaze

Impart a glossy appearance, thermo-reversible gel, excellent spreadability, and consistency to your confectioneries with carrageenans. Redefine the visual appeal and texture of your products.

Butterscotch Mass

Experience improved smoothness, mouthfeel, body, and uniform consistency in butterscotch mass with carrageenans. Achieve a glossy appearance and excellent spreadability. Redefine the standards for quality in butterscotch products. Achieve a soft, smooth, and semi-elastic gel with quick-setting properties in creme brulee. Carrageenans promote outstanding flavour release, creating a dessert to savor. Redefine the standards for quality in creme brulee.


Discover the benefits of carrageenans in jams. Ensure uniform fruit distribution, excellent spreadability, and consistency. Exhibit improved acid and heat stability, redefining the standards for quality in jam products.

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