Welcome to Lauta Ltd.

Producer of carrageenans:

  • Semi-refined kappa
  • Refined kappa
  • Semi-refined iota

Lauta Carrageenans Ltd., established in 2008, operates from its Headquarter located in Nanjing, China. Renowned as a pioneer in technological innovation, Lauta Carrageenans specializes in the production of high-quality carrageenans. Our cutting-edge manufacturing facility in China, coupled with the utilization of advanced technologies and effective management practices, ensures that our products consistently meet the latest standards set by the food industry.

Lauta Carrageenians is a part of Food Ingredients Group, including 6 companies, that operate on the international market. Serving the food industry, Lauta Carrageenans accommodates clients worldwide, maintaining carrageenan production standards compliant with international regulations. Write to us and we will contact you with our representative in each region of the world.