Dessert jellies

Carrageenans enhance dessert jellies by providing soft, elastic gels with outstanding shape retention,
promoting uniform texture and flavour release.

Water Jelly

Craft cohesive, clear, and highly elastic water jellies with carrageenans. Enjoy quick-setting and easy unmolding properties, ensuring a delightful jelly experience. Carrageenans redefine the standards for quality in dessert jellies.

Jelly Pudding

Experience high milk protein reactivity, soft and elastic gel, and minimal syneresis in jelly puddings with carrageenans. Elevate your dessert jellies to new heights with these natural additives.

Creme Brulee

Achieve a soft, smooth, and semi-elastic gel with quick-setting properties in creme brulee. Carrageenans promote outstanding flavour release, creating a dessert to savor. Redefine the standards for quality in creme brulee.

Jelly Flan

Carrageenans provide excellent shape-retention properties, imparting a smooth and uniform texture to jelly flans. Elevate your dessert offerings with the benefits of carrageenans.

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