Using carrageenans is meat industry: Carragenans – semi-refined as well as refined are widely used in meat industry.

The dosages are between 0.1% -0.5% and give excellent results in the end product:

  • Improve product quality by improving texture, cutting and bite
  • Improve water binding in production and storing
  • Increase yield by binding more brine
  • Stabilise water-fat-protein emulsion preventing separation of the fractions which in effect gives a more homogenous, better cut
  • Carrageenans disperse well in water without increasing density which makes injecting easier – low density is retained until heat treatment
  • Improve freeze and thaw stability

Owing to good synergy with gums, carrageenans are often used in following applications:

  • Pork and poultry smoked products
  • Pork, beef and poultry sausages
  • Luncheon meat and other block products
  • Frankfurters
  • Hamburgers, cutlets and other minced products




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